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Ride Sharing

We believe travelling is not just about transportation but connecting people, majorly strangers. It boost communication, it connect tribes, it makes us one Nigeria. So, we make it our mission to bring people together through transportation and also reduce cost of transportation.

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Boost Income

A smile on your face, an income to your pocket.
We connect you to customers you might not reach as a garage driver, we bring them closer to you with just a mobile.


How Easy?

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No website is more easy, transparent and straightforward with drivers and customers like ShareTravs.
We build our system to be friendly and manually organized in every aspect. You don’t talk/chat with bot, you interact with humans who feel the same as you. We’ve experienced the problems drivers and customers face, and we have perfectly provide a solution on each sector which arrived us at SHARETRAVS.

  1. How much is registration fee?

Registration is free on sharetravs, we do not charge for joining us.

2.  How do i get paid?

We pay directly to your account, once customers verified they are on board.

3. How much do ShareTravs charge?

We only take 10%, which we deduct before sending yours.

4. What if I don’t have a vehicle?

Our company is working on providing a system where you can rent and also purchase vehicle at low price but for now we suggest you get one.

5. How long does it take to sign up?

Safety of our customers and drivers is one of our major priorities. After we confirm your information, we shall request a 5-10mins meet and talk. At the spot, we give you your ID and login information.

6. Can a public bus driver apply?

Yes, you can.

ShareTravs is for everyone, the main purpose of our system is to share a ride.

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what our clients say

Client testimonials

Good partnership and I got to see my city well and travel to other cities often via client’s schedule orders. I enjoy working as an independent driver of Sharetravs. Also, the app is easy to use with a good navigation system for both old and new users..

– Mr Usman

“Sharetravs is a great car-sharing position for anyone looking to manage themselves by using the app to convey people going towards your travel direction as a part-time Sharetravs user. You have the opportunity of meeting different people from all walks of life!”

– Mr Charles David 

Can be good money, Sharetravs won’t hold you down when you can’t work or as a part-time driver. I travel from one city to another for work and I use Sharetravs to convey people going in my direction and still make good money.

– Mr Ajala A.



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